About Us

Al-Noor Global School aims to be an institution that develops every child with a foundation of Islam, knowledge, values, courage, confidence, innovation and life skills. We make an effort to make socially conscious and responsible individuals who will serve the nation. We create a thought-provoking upbringing where children learn when they want to and not when they have to. We support them in recognizing and achieving their fullest potential, ANGS aims to help them in the best possible way.

Our mission is “To develop learning in leaders as they have to live forever with excellence.” AN GS has developed its student’s curriculum that includes the overall development of the child both in this world and hereafter. We are dedicated to the overall development Of children in an intellectually challenging environment.

We create an ambience where values are well-thought-out as an achievement. We work for excellence through our well-planned curriculum. We invest in people and are ferociously committed to the overall development of all our communities. We work for honesty, justice, impartiality, integrity and the Individual care we give to each of our children enshrine the dignity of the person at all times. Our teachers work to develop a Total Quality Person.

Children remain in sight by open plan learning. CCTV surveillance and monitoring. Safety from any kind of casualty or mishap with security of fire equipment

Centrally heated class rooms. ID cards fixed with RFID Tags for easy tracking and attendance. Transport with GPS tracking. Well trained staff to accompanychildren to their respective bus stops

Peer learning to teach children to be kind, helpful and specific. Our classrooms help to create an attractive and fostering learning environment. They are planned to inspire the mind and uphold learning experiences.

Set in the lush green & beautiful background away from pollution Dedicated, Qualified, trained & experienced faculties Organized educational tours. Facility of various outdoor & indoor games with trained & experienced coaches. Professional & caring Staff. Modern, advanced and ultra Lucullan facilities and amenities. Constant communication & consecutive communication